Meet the Garmendale Team

Over the years since the business started in 1980, the Garmendale team has been incredibly stable, with a number of key people spending almost all of their careers within the business. So this is your chance to meet the key personnel who drive our business and ensure that we maintain the highest standards at all times.

David Shelmerdine

Managing Director

Having trained as an engineer, David’s first job was the build of Dale Works in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, where Garmendale opened its offices and workshop. This building still stands today and houses one of our fabrication workshops.


David took over the business from his father Roy who started Garmendale. Today, he has over 25 years’ experience from the ground upwards, and has driven the business to work and serve customers within the theme park and attractions industry throughout the world.


Garmendale has moved from a classical engineering firm to a high tech engineering solutions business. They have developed and trained their team to work to the very highest standards.


David is a no-nonsense straight talking, decision-making Managing Director who still loves getting fully hands-on in the workshop. His biggest strength is his drive and commitment to customer satisfaction, and his ‘can do, will do’ approach is how the company continues to grow from strength to strength.


Although David is renowned for working far more hours at Garmendale than he should, engineering is his passion when relaxing too. Along with his family, he has successfully restored the first of two Fowler BB1 Steam Traction Engines to the highest engineering standards.


For the future, David will continue to drive the growth of Garmendale in the theme park and attractions industry with new designs, products and services. His aim is to let the world experience the legendary Garmendale customer service and attention to detail, whilst still living time to finish the second Fowler BB1 Steam Traction Engine with the addition of a ‘Showman’s Engine’.

Zoe Shelmerdine

Sales Director

As the Sales and Marketing Director, Zoe works closely with customers to design and create rides for theme parks throughout the world. Much of the business success comes from here commitment to delivering satisfaction. In her own words, they do this by ‘manufacturing dreams’.


All this is backed up by a thorough understanding of the engineering challenges faced by the team and the need for absolute safety by the operators.


She is backed by a workforce that enjoy seeing their work come to life. But perhaps it comes from a commitment to creating fun. Describing how they work, Zoe sums it up quite succinctly.


‘We aim to put a smile on faces, not just of our theme park and attraction customers who commission us, but for their customers too. We design and build to exceptional engineering standards, but we are always focussed on making the Garmendale experience one that is fun and ultimately profitable into the very long term. This has taken years of continuous investment, learning and improvement in everything we do.”

Kelvin Ensor

General Manager

Kelvin joined Garmendale as General Manager after working with the senior team at Garmendale for many years as both supplier and client in the automotive and engineering industries.


With Garmendale undergoing a period of sustained growth through additional demand for the gating and ride systems, the business needed to strengthen its management team to ensure the legendary garmendale service remains every bit as strong.


He has worked for over 27 years in both sales and service roles and 20 of these have been in senior management, so he is not short of experience in similar roles and certainly not short of enthusiasm and energy.


The appointment also frees up more time for Managing Director, David Shelmerdine to work with his in-house Design Engineering team on the ambitious new product development programme the business began in 2015. This programme saw the recent installation of the first QuadStar Vroomster ride for Alton Towers in the UK and the first QuadTrack, tracked dark ride for Santa Park in Finland and launches of a whole new range of products for the theme park and attractions sector. 


Kelvin is 43, married for 15 years, has two girls ages seven and twelve and lives in Derbyshire. When he’s not at work or away with clients he enjoys his time with family and friends. He’s also mildly obsessed with cars and his automotive history has something of a who’s who of the interesting and unusual. Oh and he doesn’t like caravans very much.

Wayne Ford

Technical Project Manager

Wayne Ford is the Technical Project Manager for Garmendale, working on many of our biggest projects. He joined the business from Stage One UK, having been at WGH Transportation for over 21 years before that.


Having studied for an OND in Engineering and an HNC in CAD/CAM, he joined WGH on an initial six month placement to establish digital design standards in a drawing office that had always worked with traditional drawing boards.


During his time with WGH, Wayne worked on roller coasters and rides across the UK and beyond. The Balloon School and Dragon’s Apprentice at Legoland Windsor and The Jellikins and Rhombus Rocket at Fantasy Island – amongst many, many others were all projects he worked on both the design and build.


After WGH, Wayne joined Stage One UK – One of the leading theatrical staging companies in the world. They specialise in performance machinery for stadiums, theatres and live events.


Wayne, is married with three young children and lives in Doncaster. He grew up with a father in the army so traveled much of the far east and world before returning to the UK to study for his GCSE’s and entering the field of engineering.

The garmendale team - design and engineering teams at Garmendale

From Left to right. Jane Watkinson, Chris Hurt, Michael Clarke, Graham Brothwell, Danny Law, Wayne Davies, Tom Malandain, Kelvin Ensor, Ryan Murdon, Janet Sims, Lee Roper, Katie Lockhart