Log Flume Refurbishment completed

Close up of some of the troughs after a complete refurbishment of the log flume

15 Nov Log Flume Refurbishment completed

Refurbishing log flumes can be a tricky business but, no sooner has our latest water ride refurb project arrived, it’s completed and on its way out of the factory again. It’s back on its way to a new home and looking as good as when it first left the factory in 2009.

Detail of the finish on the log flume refurbishment

In just 27 days, the Garmendale team have worked around the clock to complete the complete log flume refurbishment work in record-breaking time.

Log flume refurbishment starts with the troughs

28 Trough sections which cover 126 metres, seven gigantic holding tanks and one huge top bend have all been cleaned, shot-blasted, structurally overhauled, primed (twice) and painted. The top bend will have new roller wheels fitted too. It’s been completely remanufactured from the ground up, ready to go into service carrying kids and their parents around the ride.

There were 28 individual troughs to refurbish for the log flume

We can’t share its new home yet but it will be in service for the new season, as soon as the sun starts to shine again in the new year.