GEL Tech GRP Solutions

Gel Tech are one of the leading bespoke fibreglass moulding specialists with huge experience in the amusement, theme park and attractions industries. We have created bespoke GRP solutions for many of the world’s most respected theme parks and attractions.

Our work covers five key areas:

Ride Bodies

The engineering behind the ride is always forgotten, or at least hidden, when you add the theming. With many of our rides such as the Quadstar for Legoland Japan, or the Quadtrack for Santa Park in Finland, the GRP body entirely envelopes the ride engineering.

Where we believe we deliver real differentiation to others in the GRP field is this deep understanding of the essential ride engineering. When we are creating a ride system, we always ensure that all of the serviceable parts remain accessible, even with the GRP body in place. You can see this in a real scenario with the build of the Quadtrack ride and its accessible control panels here.

GRP for water rides and flumes

Creating GRP for water rides does require a slightly different approach as the joints and seals have to be totally watertight. We have created boats such as these for Legoland, Windsor (link) and many different applications of log flumes, and floating or wheeled vehicles for use in water. In addition we have also built and remanufactured a number of the tubs and basins for the water rides themselves.

Characters and creations

Everyone loves a friendly dinosaur, a welcoming hippo or a smiling crocodile, but few can create them to the standard the team at Gel Tech GRP can deliver. Our character and creation team will work to an existing IP or create you a new character from scratch.

We also offer a GRP character refurbishment service. If you have characters around your park that have lost their lustre, let our team give them a complete refresh and get them back delighting customers in just a few weeks.

Ride covers and panels

Around any ride there are always panels and covers to wrap the moving engineering parts. An example of this is the top cap on the QuadStar ride, themed as the Vroomster Ride at CBeebies Land within Alton Towers. It’s there for the aesthetic as well as for safety and ensures little prying hands are kept well away from any moving parts. The key again is in creating something that looks good, works well and lasts for the lifetime of the ride itself.

Themed displays

The pre-ride storytelling and scene setting has become essential to entertain queues and ‘warm people up’ before their ride begins. The growth in this sector has been huge for us and we can deliver almost any aspect of the theming associated with the ride pre-show. In addition, there may be sign-up booths, feedback devices and all manner of theming requirements around the ride itself or the wider theme park.

The chessington car with GRP by GEL Tech GRP and Engineering by Garmendale

Six reasons to Choose GEL Tech GRP?

We’re the logical choice for all your GRP requirements within the themed entertainment industry. Here’s why

1. Huge experience in the theme park and attractions industry

We’ve been creating rides since the last millennium. With many or most of our projects there is a GRP element. We understand both the engineering behind the GRP and the design, creation and delivery of exceptional GRP too.

2. Worldwide service

Our work with GRP and ride design has taken our team throughout the world with installations as far afield as Japan, the Middle East and the USA as well as almost every country in Europe. We can design, deliver and install, wherever you may be.

3. Master pattern Makers

The experience of our Master Pattern Makers is second to none. In the same way that the Garmendale Engineering team specialise in those projects that may be too challenging for others to take on, we love the tough jobs that take more thought, experience and expertise. If you have a theming challenge, we have a GRP solution.

4. Unbelievably Durable GRP

Creating GRP that looks great on day one is relatively easy. Creating GRP that still looks great after many years in service within a theme park environment is a different proposition altogether. This is where our experience comes into play. We have worked within and created rides and GRP for the rigours of the themed entertainment industry. Our processes ensure minimum maintenance and maximum life expectancy for all of our GRP creations.

5. Exceptional Value

We won’t claim to be the cheapest, but we will claim to be up there with the very best in terms of delivering exceptional value. We will deliver a quality product that lasts for many years and continues to look great. It’s a simple philosophy but one that works well and we continue to live by. It’s the reason that many of our customers come back to us time and time again.

6. We Design, create and install

We control every stage of the process. From listening to your requirements, creating a brief and a design for you to approve, right through the production process. Our theme park engineering installation team can then not only deliver the solution to site but install it too. It means you have one contact managing the process throughout and can be assured that it will be quality controlled with our usual rigour throughout too.