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The engineering and design teams at Garmendale have built up many years of real world experience and technical knowledge in all types of engineering; as civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineers.


Together, these teams have the skills and capabilities to research, design, develop, build and maintain engineering solutions for you that are practical, creative and above all, cost-effective.


We incorporate many scientific disciplines in our design and manufacturing processes including physics, material science, thermodynamics, mechanics, kinematics, computer-aided design and design analysis, manufacturing, mechanical systems and production. In addition, we are constantly evolving our engineering services to incorporate the latest advances in technology.


Traditionally, operational needs would come into a list like this, but often these are not given the focus they need. That’s certainly not true at Garmendale. What sets us apart is our complete understanding of the significance of engineering to your entire business operation. As we always say, ‘It’s our business to understand your business’.


We apply this principle when looking at design and manufacturing for a product or service, whether it’s brand new or a retro-fit to an existing structure or system. In fact, it’s our in-depth knowledge which helps us understand which principles are essential for the good of your business and your customers. This also helps us to ensure that you are complying with all the necessary legal, and health and safety standards that our industry requires.


As you would expect, we can provide our range of specialist engineering services to a whole variety of clients. Most of these are supplied to the ride industry, but we have also come up with innovative solutions for companies in many other sectors and countries around the world.


Here are just a few examples:


The Needles Park at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight

The main chair lift drive wheel (Bull Wheel) required refurbishment which included removal, remanufacturing and replacement of spokes and hub. Work was carried out under our 9001:2008 accreditation, with qualified welders to 288/287 to comply with BS EN ISO 13814 and HSG175. We also refurbished the top winding house including structural frame, roof, primary and secondary drives, bearings, lubrications system, and installed the refurbished Bull Wheel.


World’s Largest Revolving Mirror Ball, Blackpool

Garmendale redesigned, manufactured and installed a new drive system which

included motor gearbox with mounting brackets, a new drive slewing ring, main running bearings and automated lubrication system managed by a wireless monitoring system. We also manage the annual maintenance contract.


Bessemer Convertor

We fabricated an impressive quarter scale model of the world famous Bessemer Convertor which currently stands in the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield. The model was manufactured at our facility using traditional hot riveting and is now on display in a Japanese industrial museum.


Agitos, Paralympic Signage, The National Gallery

A very high profile commission, for this we designed, manufactured and installed the Paralympic Agitos signage, bracketing and structural elements to clamp around the historic columns at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London.