Specialist Zoo Engineering

At Garmendale Engineering we have successfully undertaken numerous engineering and refurbishment projects within zoos over the years.

We are specialists within the leisure industry and work only to the highest engineering standards. We pride ourselves in not only solving your problems with our bespoke designs, but to provide your facility with expert advice and workmanship with the highest regards and due care towards the welfare of your animals and your guests.

We have previously worked on the following zoo projects:

  • Tiger / Large Predator Enclosures
  • Giraffe / Zebra / Equine Enclosures
  • Small Primate Enclosures
  • Viewing Platforms
  • Quarantine Units
  • Shark Walks
  • Electric Cars
  • Family Ride Attractions
  • Themed Track Ride Systems

A name you can trust

We have been providing park and zoo services since 1980. We have a well established reputation within the leisure industry for providing, without exception, only the best services.

Lion enclosure design and manufacture by Garmendale Engineering

We Put You First

With our extensive experience on parks, we have become accustomed to maintaining professionalism and courtesy whilst undertaking work around your guests and this is extended to your animals. We understand the difficulties with keeping your animals away from any potential dangers or discomfort when access is required for work, so we, at Garmendale engineering are happy to work around the wellbeing and needs of your animals.

Zebra enclosure by Garmendale Engineering

Bespoke Design

With over 25 years of experience, our design engineers are able to design to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients. We are also able to innovate new products to make the running of your park easier.

Guaranteed Same Day Response 24/7 365 Days

We understand how important it is to respond quickly and effectively when you require us. It is our mission to ensure that your animals are safe, your guests are not disappointed and your revenue is protected. Everything we provide is designed to mitigate the park owner’s risk and enhance the guest’s experience. Ensuring a comfortable, safe and enjoyable visit every time.

Maintenance, Repair, Refurbish or Replacements

We have our own site team who are seasoned with travelling to parks all over the world, whether it be for maintenance in the off-season, call out repairs or to install new parts or facilities.

Coded Welders

BS EN ISO 15614

Standards and Guidance

BS EN 13814
BS EN 1090: 2017 Ex Level 2
BS EN 9001: 2015,
HSG 175

Giraffe and bespoke feeder designed by Garmendale engineering