Theme Park Engineering Services

Theme Park Engineering Services by Garmendale


Theme Park Engineering Services are central to what we do at Garmendale. We provide theme park maintenance, repair and qualified engineering support to theme parks of all sizes in any location. No matter what the problem or issue is we have the experience and the qualified expertise to deliver results as fast as possible. We recognise the importance of responding quickly and efficiently with the correct engineer, equipped with the right tools, knowledge, training and carrying a wide range of spare parts. Our teams consist of qualified engineers who have a broad spectrum of specialist skills all focused on providing a safe, speedy solution.


All members of our teams are qualified to the highest standards vital for the leisure industry. Garmendale are fully committed to maintaining BSEN 288 287 welding standards.


 We also comply to ISO9001 standards underwritten with procedures that guarantee traceability of all materials and components.


Garmendale will provide risk assessments, method statements and O&M manuals, design risk assessments and all relevant health and safety practices.


Guaranteed Same Day Response 24/7 365


We understand how import it is to respond quickly and effectively when a ride is out of action. Our mission to respond will ensure that your guests are not disappointed and your revenue is protected.

 Everything we provide is designed to mitigate the park owner’s risk and enhance the guest’s experience. Ensuring a comfortable, safe and enjoyable visit every time.

 We can respond to any one-off emergency 24 x 7 x 365 or provide an annual service contract to maintain and repair your mission critical assets, providing peace of mind to park owners and operators.


Fully Equipped Engineers


Garmendale have specialised in rides for the leisure industry since 1982 and are therefore far better equipped to repair and maintain rides, than any general engineering company.

 When we arrive on site our teams are equipped to deal with almost any situation. They carry a wide range of tools including specialist certified equipment to deal with almost all eventualities.


Maintenance, Repair, Refurbish or Replace


Supporting our on-site team is a fully established design facility; we can re-design, upgrade and improve existing equipment utilising our own factory works. This gives us the opportunity to fabricate new solutions, repair, replace or refurbish components, whatever your needs may be. You may be driven by an economic challenge regulation requirements orhealth and safety legislation.

 All of our teams are dedicated and committed to resolving your issues. Such as GRP repairs, painting, re-theming, mechanical, welding, hydraulic, pneumatic,electrical, or as consultant engineers.


Committed to maintaining standards since 1994


We maintain the highest standards and reflect this in our recruitment,and training policy and by regular on-going reviews. We comply with ADIPS standards operate an ISO9001/2000 quality systems and most important of all, all of our welders are coded against the BSEN 288 287 requirements ensuring that mission critical safety welding is undertaken by people with the highest levels of competence.

 We also ensure that safety is at the forefront of all we do. Our engineers are qualified with the CSCS scheme for onsite work.  We hold tickets for cherry-pickers, tele-handlers and fork-lift trucks.  Ensuring your staff and guests are not exposed to any risk when major work is being executed.


Unique Garmendale designed Trackless System


Our ADIP’s approved ride system enables a car, carriage or vehicle to follow a pre-determined route with no physical infrastructure.

This means there is no requirement for costly infrastructure and provides greater flexibility when designing a guest experience. It can be used in smaller spaces than traditional tracked rides. The Trackless system can be less costly than traditional tracked rides and uniquely provides the capability of multi-functional manoeuvrability. The vehicle can turn a full 360º within its own space removing limitations and providing imaginative designers with an infinite variety of creative options.

 The system can be used anywhere that a traditional tracked system can be deployed. In addition it opens up the opportunity to be creative and provide new innovative guest experiences in locations that were not previously available. Ideal for themed and non-themed areas, stately homes and listed buildings as well as temporary events where there is not time, space or budget to build a traditional track.

 The Garmendale trackless solution is more flexible, less costly, deployed quicker, requires less maintenance and is inherently safer.