Theme Park Maintenance

Theme Park maintenance is critical for long term safety

Theme Park Maintenance is where Garmendale made their name.

Our experience in theme park maintenance stretches right back to 1980 when the company was formed. Initially as specialist welders, we were soon asked to get involved with more complicated repairs at theme parks. As we began work with one, another approached us to maintain and repair their own rides too. Now, nearly 40 years on, we are still maintaining rides for many of the same parks and operators. In fact we are still maintaining some of the same rides.


The team now have worked on many of the biggest and fastest rides in the UK, Europe and across the world. We’re often called in when technically, the challenge becomes too much for the in-house team, or a higher level of certification. Our whole team fully understand the rigours of ensuring rides are maintained to BSEN13814 and have worked within the standard for many years.


We also comply with ISO9001 standards that are underwritten with procedures that guarantee traceability of all materials and components.


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, All you’ve got to do is call

And we’ll be there. We all know the James Taylor song, but at Garmendale, it’s our way of working too. So, whilst planned maintenance is always easier to schedule and preferable, we fully understand that sometimes you may need our help at short notice to repair a ride during a busy period. But at Garmendale it’s how we work and it’s how we have always worked. It’s also why we have retained clients in the theme park industry for many, many years and and across generations of ownership.

The full team complete with cranes working in theme park maintenance

Planned and preventative maintenance

Our work will always help you to reduce your risk and ensure your guests are kept safe throughout their time on a ride. We’ve all read about some of the horrific accidents that happen and potentially damage the reputation of parks and the industry in general. Many of these are preventable with good maintenance and an agreed refurbishment schedule to stay safe and stay within the industry standards.


We are happy to provide annual service contracts in order to maintain and repair any mission critical assets, which provides peace of mind to park owners and operators.


It doesn’t need to be just theme park maintenance however. We work in general attractions too. The Mirror Ball at Blackpool is one such example. A huge and important piece on the front at Blackpool and an oft photographed landmark. It’s now been in place for nearly ten years in the harsh conditions of a northwest sea-front and has rotated 2.75 million times or more. Keeping it running has been our job and it still looks exceptional and runs beautifully today.

Theme park and attractions maintenance at Blackpool Mirror Ball
The Blackpool Glitter Ball complete with secret hatch to allow acess to the inside and the workings

Maintenance of vintage rides and attractions

We have worked on and maintained some beautiful vintage rides within theme parks, attractions and for private collectors. But as a team we love vintage too and are proud to have completely refurbished our own John Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine and have the refurbishment of its matching stablemate underway. We showed this proudly to the world at an open day in 2016 and even ran it round the industrial estate on which we are based.

23 The strength and power of the John Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine close up
19 jess on the back of the John Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine

Electrical and mechanical maintenance

We have maintained and rebuilt motors, controllers and entire vintage rides with the finished job normally being made to a higher standard than when it first left the factory.  So, if you have a vintage ride that needs maintenance or repair work then please talk to us first. You’ll find very few with more experience or enthusiasm in the world.

Ride Controller before refurbishment
Ride Controller after a complete refurbishment

Theme Park Maintenance – Maintained to last

Garmendale have focussed on the repair, refurbishment and maintenance of rides for the theme park and leisure industry since 1980. One of the real benefits of this level of experience is that the on-site team are far better equipped to repair and maintain rides, than any general engineering company.


The right tool for the job can make a real difference and be the difference between the perfect job and a plucky triers bodge. We believe – and have always believed – that a job needs to be done to the best possible standard on any ride. After all, it’s the safety of your customers that are in our hands. 


So, if we’re going to maintain something, we prefer to maintain it to last. 


The on-site team are backed up by those back at base. The extensive Derbyshire workshops are equipped with both traditional and hyper modern equipment to get the job done. Whether it’s fabricating an impossible to find, or long obsolete part or completing a strip down and reassembly we are geared up to manage. As part of the agreed maintenance programme, we have the flexibility to offer a number of differing solutions to crack the same nut.


We have always loved a challenge and some of our most interesting and rewarding jobs have been ones where the maintenance at first seemed impossible or perhaps not viable and because of our novel approach, we have made it work and work beautifully.


To speak to us about your own ride or attraction maintenance project, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.