Theme Park Ride Systems

At Garmendale, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing theme park ride systems since we started in 1980 and have hundreds of rides across the world that are still running beautifully and smoothly today.


As theme park engineers we design rides to last. We design rides that are easy to maintain and we design them to be great fun for your customers.


All of our rides are built to BS/EN 1090 so you can be absolutely assured that every process and every part we use in the manufacture of the ride system is safe and traceable.


You can see from the panels below that we have a range of rides. At the top is the amazing Motion Master 3DOF 30 ride. The Motion master system has rides that will seat from 4-30 people and work deliver an exceptionally smooth ride.


The QuadStar is an aerial roundabout ride with ten vehicles. It’s amazingly family friendly, interactive and allows four to explore together. It’s extra safe too, with individual lap bars for all passengers. It debuts Spring 2017 in the UK. You can read all about its build starting from here.


The QuadTrack is a tracked dark ride system, designed for a family ride with seating for four passengers. It also has individual lap bars and there are variants for 1.8m radius and 3m radius tracks, so it can easily operate in open spaces or when space is at a premium.


Trains and tracked vehicles have been part of the Garmendale range since we first started and we have units in operation around the world. They range in size from 15″ gauge up to the much larger 24″ gauge and can be manufactured to almost any finish or to match a brand specific IP.


Our Electric cars and boats range have also been designed to be rugged enough to withstand theme park life and operate all day with minimal maintenance. The system they are designed on is again so flexible, it can be adapted to work with any IP or brand.


And the MagTrack and OptiTrack range is a simple solution to running within tight spaces where you need the flexibility to be able to change tracks. Already operating for many years, it’s tried, tested and super reliable.

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3dof Ride system Motion Master 30 lead image
QuadStar Aerial Roundabout Ride System
Quadtrack master 672x504.001
3DOF ride Motion Master Six lead image
Trains and Transportation systems
Electric cars and boats by Garmendale
MagTrack and Opti Track AGV System master 672x504.002

The Motion Master 30 at Bobbejaanland