QuadStar Aerial Roundabout System

1 Official shot of Kai's Sky Masters at Legoland Japan
The Go Jetters Vroomster Ride at Alton Tpowers CBeebies land

Quadstar Aerial Roundabout

The QuadStar is an aerial roundabout ride with up to ten vehicles. Each car allows four people to explore together. From the outset, it was designed to be amazingly family friendly. It’s fully interactive too and allows full yaw control for the ‘driver’.


The QuadStar ride system can be delivered with full interactive gaming for passengers. This can take many forms but is active throughout the complete ride for all passengers.

Extra Safety where you need it

The ride has been designed to be extra safe too, with individual lap bars for all passengers.  It’s also built to BS/EN 1090 so you can guarantee every part on the ride is sourced correctly and then manufactured correctly too.

The GoJetters Vroomster Ride at Alton Towers

The first QuadStar was installed within CBeebies Land at Alton Towers in early 2017 and others are already in development with different IPs too.

Go Jetters Vroomster Ride Slider

Kai’s Sky Masters Ride at Legoland Japan

The first six arm QuadStar was installed within Legoland Japan and introduced a new level of interactivity with a family shooting game incorporated into the design. There are targets placed around the ride perimeter and the ‘cannons’ mounted on the cars allow you to shoot at them and win points.

9 Ready to welcome its first guests

Development history

The 10 arm QuadStar has been developed by our in house design and development team. The cars are driven by hydraulic rams to a height of 4m, which is enough to be slightly scary for tots and it’s been designed to operate in a 16m envelope.

The ride system is flexible enough to work well with variants from six to ten arms. The smaller versions can operate within a tighter working envelope and lower lift heights.

The system can be themed to match almost any IP or brand requirement. The first model was delivered to Alton Towers in Spring 2017 built around the powerful Go Jetters global IP.

There are further rides in development for overseas markets that are being themed with different IP’s to look entirely different.

So whether you‘re looking for an airplane, turtle or even a specific motor vehicle, our theming team can match your demands and build a QuadStar aerial roundabout ride around it.

To speak to us about QuadStar or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

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