Electric Cars for theme parks and attractions

Sundown Adventureland Electric Cars by Garmendale

Electric Cars by Garmendale

Garmendale Electric Cars are a hard working and reliable addition for any attraction. They are battery powered and designed to run for a full seven-hour shift between charges and require minimal maintenance. The Gel Coat bodies are tough and easy to clean and will look clean and bright for many years in operation.


The vehicle body comprises a seat, floor and cockpit area which includes an ergonomically designed padded seat and backrest, safety lap belt and soft touch steering wheel.


They are super tough and easy to clean and will look clean and bright for many years in operation.


The body shell can be designed to work with almost any IP and if you can dream it, we can build it. So if you would like a driving duck, tank or race car, we can design that to fit our flexible chassis system.


They are designed to hold up to two people with a retractable lap belt, but can be easily driven by children between six and 13 years old. The driver has full steering, throttle and braking control, with variable speed up to 4 mph.

The finished Monkey Mayhem Driving School ready to go
Shot across the completed site with the cars on the track
The completed cars arrive on site and are all lined up for charging

Years of experience

You can see some of our cars in operation at Legoland Resort Windsor which have been running since 2007.

Garmendale electric cars are designed with throttle, braking and steering
The restraints in the Garmendale electric car ensure the driver can be as young as five years old
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Intelligent charging systems for boats and cars

The Garmendale electric cars can be supplied with intelligent charging systems to ensure they are always charged and ready. They are fitted with charge indicators so you know their state of charge and designed for absolute minimal maintenance.


To speak to us about your own electric cars or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

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