Magnetic Track AGV (MagTrac) Dark Ride system

front of the ride car showing the blue magnetic track and reader underneath

MagTrac AGV Dark Ride System

The MagTrac is an AGV Dark ride system that is designed to run indoors following a programmable 50mm magnetic strip that guides the cars around a pre-defined route. Each car is designed to carry two adults and two children but the system is flexible enough to work with any group formation.


Extra Safety where you need it
The ride has been designed to be extra safe too, with individual lap bars for all passengers.  There is also an option to build to the advanced standard of BS/EN 1090 should your insurers require this level of certification.


Battery powered to run all day

The MagTrac is fitted as standard with 2 x 12v 165Ah batteries connected in series to give 24 v @165Ah that are designed to run the car for 8 hours per day. The chassis system has been cleverly designed however so you can perform a quick change with a replacement battery pack in just a few minutes which allows extended running for those extra busy days.

Development history

The MagTrac has been developed by our in-house design and development team. The example shown in the images here was delivered into Sundown Adventureland and has been running well since 2010.


As with all of our ride systems, the vehicles can be themed to match almost any IP or brand requirement. So whether you’re looking for a Tank, Turtle or even a specific motor vehicle, our theming team can match your demands and build a MagTrac ride around it.


To speak to us about MagTrac or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

The magnetic reader on the AGV ride car all set and ready to go
Close up of the underneath of the AGV ride car

Also available with an Optical Reader


We have seen a huge growth in the demand for Optical tracked rides over recent years and to meet this demand, we have also introduced the OptiTrac. It works on very similar principles to the MagTrac but as the name implies it follows a painted line on the floor that acts as the track

To speak to us about OptiTrac or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

Close up of control panel on rear of car
Plug in control unit to assess the condition and operation of the ride car
The remote control which allows the car to be steered and driven in case of breakdown
Three ride cars in the garmendale factory ready for delivery
rear of the LGV cars ready for packing to deliver to Sundown Adventureland

The ride at Sundown Adventureland has been specifically designed with Christmas theming throughout and operates throughout the winter months.

The Christmas building at Sundown Adventureland where the magic happens
The Theming at Sundown Adventureland for Christmas
The Christmas AGV Ride with Magnetic Track

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