All Electric 3DOF Ride – Motion Master Six Seater

Motion Master six 3dof ride

The Motion Master Six

The Motion Master Six by Garmendale is our most popular 3DOF ride system. It’s fully electric 3DOF ride and as the name suggests, it’s configured to carry six people. There are other models in the range too which allow the system to be tailored to carry four, eight or 30 passengers.


Why Electric?
The big advantage of electric operation over hydraulics are clear. Firstly the noise of hydraulics is often so intrusive it can kill the atmosphere in the ride’s quiet periods. Secondly reliability – In our test runnings and in our first installation, the reliability has been nothing short of exceptional.

Development time

We spent many years designing and developing the system and installations are now being completed. The first of these was built for Holovis and installed in Bobbejaanland in Belgium.   This was delivered with a purpose built video screen system too and is now operating as the ‘Forbidden caves’ complete with exceptional theming and a purpose designed IP throughout.


The Forbidden Caves takes guests on an action-packed subterranean adventure filled with supernatural creatures and was designed by Super 78, based in Los Angeles, California. There’s a video of this in operation at Bobbejaanland below.


To speak to us about Motion Master 30 or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

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