Tracked Dark Ride System – The QuadTrack

QuadTrack Tracked Dark Ride System with Sleigh

Quadtrack front 3:4

The QuadTrack Tracked Dark Ride System

The QuadTrack was designed as a great value, lightweight and robust solution for tracked dark ride applications. It’s fully electric and features individual lap bars for all occupants. The track is made to your own specification and can be designed to run beautifully in even the most compact spaces.

You choose the theming

The QuadTrack can be themed to match almost any brand or IP. It doesn’t matter if you’d prefer it to be a conventional motor vehicle, Santa Sleigh or even an animal theme, our chassis can fit around your idea or your IP.

Why Electric?
The big advantage of electric operation over hydraulics are clear. Firstly the noise of hydraulics is often so intrusive it can kill the atmosphere in the ride’s quiet periods. Secondly reliability – In our test runnings the reliability has been nothing short of exceptional.

Santa Park Passports and Adventures Ride by Garmendale

Development time

The QuadTrack was designed by our own design and development team to exacting standards and to minimise maintenance for the operator. The level of detail that has gone into the chassis design is incredible and this ensures it will run, trouble free for many years.

An example of our ‘design it to maintain it‘ philosophy can be seen in the access to the control gear. Rather than needing to remove bodywork or get in underneath chassis, the control panel itself slides out on a locking track which is accessed by a removable panel on the rear of the car. It may be a small detail, but it’s one that will ensure your team will love it once they have to look after them.

To speak to us about The QuadTrack or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

Santa Park Magic Sleigh Ride by Garmendale
Santa Park Magic Sleigh Ride by Garmendale
Santa Park Magic Sleigh Ride by Garmendale

The QuadTrack system can run on a 3m radius track or 1.8m radius track

QuadTrack on its Track

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Video courtesy of Santa Park Official Video and We’re the Millers You Tube. With thanks. Image courtesy of Passports and Adventures with thanks.