We don’t often show this stage of construction on theme park rides, but this one is an interesting one for us, so we thought we would share it early and in progress. We are building a new ride for a major European attraction that’s due to be installed before the year end, so progress will be quite rapid.

You can see from the images that follow how the build process works. The design team here were busy creating the plans to work from first, which were then translated into cutting patterns. The individual components were all laser cut to size and then prepared for assembly.

Looking at how they work and to follow the guidelines of our much coveted BS EN 1090 Welding standards, they are first tacked to the frame and then welded up following the documented process. Once the welding stage is completed, it’s all cleaned up so the chassis is lovely and smooth and then prepped for painting. All of this will be completed in the next two weeks or so.

We are also purpose building a new track for it to run on, but we will show more of this as it happens.

1 Laser Cut Components For The Chassis Ready For Assembly Of The Ride 700x525 1
Laser cut components for the chassis ready for assembly of the ride
2 A 3d Jigsaw Puzzle Of Components That Builds Into Theme Park Ride 500x380 1
A 3d jigsaw puzzle of components that builds into theme park ride
3 Even Though The Components Are Numbered They Take Some Sorting 600x800 1
Even though the components are numbered they take some sorting
4 The Ladder Chassis For The Ride All Ready For The Additional Components 700x934 1
The ladder chassis for the ride all ready for the additional components
5 One Of The Chassis Under Construction For The Top Secret Ride 700x525 1
One of the Chassis under construction for the top secret ride

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