FRP/GRP Systems

Specialist Pattern Makers

You can find our Themed fiberglass creations at some of the top attractions throughout the world. Including Alton Towers, Legoland Japan, Chessington World of Adventures, Dubai Park Resorts, Bobbejannland and many more!

Providing Fiberglass Solutions to clients around the world.

Engineering bespoke ride systems and solutions for attractions in the leisure industry is a large part of what we do at Garmendale. We thrive on engineering challenges for clients in any industry, allowing us the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects over the years, offering innovative solutions and manufacturing services for a wide range of sectors including; water treatment, rail infrastructure, acoustic enclosures, power generation and renewables engineering.

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Ride Bodies

Fully Bespoke ride bodies to suit your creative intent. From sports cars to flying Ninjas GEL Tech can incorporate any IP into your design.

Ride bodies that are fully integrated into the ride vehicle design that perfectly conceal all of the engineered mechanisms going on underneath.

As part of the fully integrated design all of the mechanisms are easily accessible as standard by means of access panels incorporated into the fiberglass body. Making them easy to access for daily, weekly and annual safety checks. Our design techniques mean that all of these panels are hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

GRP for Water Rides and Flumes

GRP is a low maintenance and cost effective alternative to other materials such as stainless steel for operation in constant contact with water. GRP hull sections are watertight and complex shapes can be manufactured simply and with consistency. Our team has developed a series of water ride systems including battery powered boats and our very own FlowMaster lazy river ride.

Let us design a bespoke water ride system for your attraction or restore your existing water ride to its former glory.

Characters & Creations

Themed characters and creations make a captivating addition to any attraction. At GEL Tech GRP we can deliver the most authentic and life like creations from happy hippos to crying crocodiles.

Our character and creation team will work to an existing IP or create you a new character from scratch.

We also offer a GRP character refurbishment service. If you have characters around your park that have lost their lustre, let our team give them a complete refresh and get them back delighting customers in just a few weeks.

Ride Covers & Panels

Around any ride there are panels and covers to conceal the mechanical parts. An example of this is the top cap on the Quad Star ride, themed as the Vroomster Ride at CBeebies Land within Alton Towers. It’s there for aesthetic reasons as well as for safety and ensures body parts are kept well away from any moving parts. The key is in creating something that looks good, works well and lasts for the lifetime of the ride.

Themed Displays

The pre-ride storytelling has become essential to entertain queues and ‘warm up’ guests before their ride begins. We can deliver any aspect of the theming associated with the ride pre-show. In addition, there may be sign-up booths, feedback devices and all manner of theming requirements around the ride itself or the wider theme park. We can help engage and keep your guests amused from the minute they approach the queue line to the second they exit the attraction!

That Are Built to Last

We have worked for some of the world’s leading theme parks and attractions to deliver systems capable of withstanding the harshest weather, vast temperature ranges, and seismic conditions.

We use only the best products and practices to ensure our GRP products are nothing short of exceptional for the intended life cycle and beyond.

Other Services

Specialist Engineering

The engineering and design team have many years of experience and technical knowledge in all types of engineering; civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineers and can apply their experience to any application.

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Park Maintenance

We can provide an annual service package to maintain, repair and refurbish ride systems and infrastructure. Bringing new life to your assets, ensuring guest safety and maintaining compliance with standards.

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Installation Services

Install your assets with confidence with our dedicated and experienced team of project managers and site engineers who will deliver your project on schedule and within budget.

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Ride Refurbishment & Adjustments

Utilize our experienced team with cross-industry knowledge to revitalize your ride or transform it into something new.

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Zoo Engineering

Keep your animals and guests safe with our range of purpose built enclosures.

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FRP/GRP Systems

Theme your attraction to the highest standard with fully customisable solutions.

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