In our industry, quality standards are essential as they give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency at all times

Amusement parks are among the safest of leisure attractions in the world, and provide some of the lowest risk leisure activities if they are built to the correct standards, maintained appropriately and operated correctly.
With the safety of your guests at stake, maintaining high standards of design, manufacturing and after-sales support are crucial to everyone here at Garmendale. For an operator, working and maintaining standards ensures ongoing safety certification and even continuing insurance. It is a vital component in the safe operation of parks throughout the world.

Since 1992, we have been audited regularly on our ISO 9001 Quality System. ISO is the only internationally accepted, auditable certification standard for quality systems in the world. When we were originally accredited by the ISO, we were way ahead of general engineering companies and far ahead of the standard leisure industry requirements. We continue to set these high standards for ourselves today.

Garmendale are proud to be accredited with the BS EN 1090 execution class 2 compliance. It’s a standard for structural steel work. It’s the first standard to measure and manage the actual quality of construction rather than just the process. It’s a CE mark for fabrication. Before this, all the standards related to procedures that were followed to get to a finished product but ignored the materials. Being BS EN 1090 execution class 2 compliant ensures that everything, right down to consumables is traceable back to source. 

 In a fast changing worldwide steel market, you can rest assured that anything we manufacture has been done so to the correct procedures and with materials of the highest quality and certification.

Specifically Written Procedures

We currently operate over 20 procedures which have been written specifically to cover design, purchasing, goods in and out, manufacturing, welding procedures, machining, fitting, finishing and all the way through to customer satisfaction. 

Many of our procedures have been incorporated into the design and fabrication of steel structures, under CE marking BS 1090 compliance. In addition, our suppliers are constantly reviewed and all non-conformances are investigated and concluded. All materials we use are certified and all welding wires are recorded and traced. 

The UK is mainly inspected under the ADIPS certification scheme. At Garmendale we take our references for such UK parks and attractions from HSG175 which gives the guidance notes for many aspects of our work. In particular, the design and build of rides, refurbishment and modification to existing structures. 

Our European customers require their certification to be accredited by TŰV, which is a leading provider of independent inspection, testing and certification services worldwide, and includes TŰV-SŰD and TŰV-Nord. The BS EN 13814 fairground and amusement park machinery and structures standard provides the backbone for all compliance required to achieve the safety standards set out by TŰV authorities. Naturally, Garmendale are proud to have worked and achieved both forms of accreditation.

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