Park Maintenance

Theme Park Maintenance Is Where Garmendale Made Their Name

Our experience in the amusements industry maintenance stretches right back to 1980 when the company was formed. Now forty years on, we are still maintaining rides and attractions for many of the same parks and operators today.

We have worked on many of the biggest and fastest rides in the UK, Europe and across the world. Our team ensures rides are maintained to BS EN 13814 ‘safety of amusement rides and amusement devices’ and are performed in compliance with ISO 9001 which guarantees traceability of all materials and components.

Maintained to Last

Our high level of experience enables us to deliver an outstanding service to repair and maintain rides and attractions globally.

In our many years of experience we have been at the forefront of maintaining a full range of rides systems including roller coasters, water rides, dark rides, family rides and everything in between.

We are able to deliver a high quality guarantee on all the work we carry out. Our team are skilled in fundamental engineering principles and have expert knowledge in ride design standards necessary for maintaining ride systems and attractions.

A good maintenance and refurbishment schedule are essential to stay safe and keep up to date with industry standards. Our work will help you to reduce your risk and ensure your guests are kept safe on your attractions.

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Be Proactive with our Preventative Maintenance Service

Keeping your rides safe and operating free of breakdowns is our priority at Garmendale.
We understand the true cost of ride breakdowns and incidents, compromised safety, long wait times, guest experience and damage to your reputation must be avoided at all costs.

As specialists in ride repair work, our emergency call out team have the expertise to solve any problems with your ride performance all year round.

However, with our coordinated maintenance service plan we have the ability to predict the lifecycle of key components and compile maintenance schedules for service and replacement of parts. We aim to mitigate all potential risks before any incidents have the potential to occur, ensuring your guests are safe and your rides are always ready to go. This service can be fully tailored to any attraction in your park.

Challenges That Reflect our Experience.

The 4.5-tonne Mirror Ball at Blackpool.

A huge and important piece on the seafront at Blackpool and a hugely popular photographed landmark. Having been in place for twenty years in the harsh conditions of a northwest sea-front, the iconic structure has rotated over 5 million times.

Garmendale ensure the mirror ball keeps on turning as we are responsible for maintaining the mechanical drive systems to the highest of standards and assemble/disassemble the ball when the 46 000 mirrors are replaced.



Due to the location of the structure which twists and turns through the landscape and in places is partially submerged within the ground. It was not going to be easy! Our aim here is to give increased life expectancy to Dragons Falls in a very challenging environment.

Chessington World of Adventures – Dragon Falls log flume refurbishment



One of our favourite rides over the years has been the Robin Hood ride at Sundown Adventureland. It’s been well themed and continually maintained, so it runs smoothly and consistently.

The Robin Hood Ride at Sundown Adventureland

Other Services

Specialist Engineering

The engineering and design team have many years of experience and technical knowledge in all types of engineering; civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineers and can apply their experience to any application.

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Park Maintenance

We can provide an annual service package to maintain, repair and refurbish ride systems and infrastructure. Bringing new life to your assets, ensuring guest safety and maintaining compliance with standards.

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Installation Services

Install your assets with confidence with our dedicated and experienced team of project managers and site engineers who will deliver your project on schedule and within budget.

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Ride Refurbishment & Adjustments

Utilize our experienced team with cross-industry knowledge to revitalize your ride or transform it into something new.

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Zoo Engineering

Keep your animals and guests safe with our range of purpose built enclosures.

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FRP/GRP Systems

Theme your attraction to the highest standard with fully customisable solutions.

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Accreditations & Associations

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