The Ilkeston Firm that makes roller coasters – Nottingham Post

Danny Law Garmendale Workshop Manager - Image Courtesy of Nottingham Post

19 Oct The Ilkeston Firm that makes roller coasters – Nottingham Post

We have had some lovely coverage recently in the Nottingham Post. Dan Robinson, the Business Correspondent wrote a long article about the way the business has grown and the stories behind the story. One thing that he did pick up on was the attention to detail that Garmendale work to. You can read it in full here.

In the interview with our Managing Director David Shelmerdine he added a great quote: “Over the past 20 years when looking after other companies’ rides we’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly, so we’ve taken that experience to try design our own without the issues they’ve had.”

This is the business practice¬†we have been talking about for some time now and it’s a critical one for our success. In simple terms, because we learnt our way around the industry by repairing and maintaining rides first, when we build them, we design them from the outset to be easy to maintain and repair. It’s become such a strong business philosophy that it runs to the core of the way we work.


It’s a hugely positive article that tracks it back to the days when David’s father Roy Shelmerdine started the business in 1980 and features some great images from around the Ilkeston Workshop, so please have a read and feel free to share it.

Zoe and David Shelmerdine – Image Courtesy of Nottingham Post

They also featured some of the projects we have worked on over the years.


Rush, at Thorpe Park, is one of the rides Garmendale Engineering has worked on


Weymouth Sealife Tower was installed by Garmendale (Photograph by Andrew Writer)



Dragon Falls, at Chessington World of Adventures, was rebuilt by Garmendale