FAT Testing and Loading the Shotgun Gates

Loading the 40ft container with the shotgun gates onto a skeleton truck

14 Aug FAT Testing and Loading the Shotgun Gates

In the last post about the shotgun gates, we showed you the shotgun gates for Florida being packed up, ready to be shipped. Before they left, they were FAT tested for over 11,000 cycles, which went fautlessly as you’d expect. Here’s the video of them in action. They are strangely balletic.

Once all this was done and they were approved by the client, they were then all packed up ready for shipping. This involved loading them onto a skeleton truck to head off to Florida, which we video’d too.

For a video of a lorry being loaded, we all found this weirdly enthralling. Maybe it’s because we’ve added some techno music and sped it up eight times or maybe it’s the way the timings hit with the music just perfectly. Either way it’s a video of a truck being loaded.