Chessington World of Adventures – Dragon Falls log flume refurbishment

About This Project

Dragon Falls Log Flume at Chessington World of Adventures – Trough structure refurbishment. Dragon Falls was beginning to show signs of ageing, so to ensure safety and longevity of the ride, the team at Chessington World of Adventure commissioned Garmendale to carry out essential maintenance and upgrades. Our work identified sections of the trough structure that were suffering from decay due to exposure to the elements. Mainly the spine brackets connecting the trough support steelwork to the trough spine.

About Dragon Falls

The Dragon Falls is an exciting log flume that weaves through a mystical eastern setting in a gently undulating river. There’s a surprise at the end that keeps every rider smiling for the rest of their day.

The Business Challenge

Due to the location of the structure which twists and turns through the landscape and in places is partially submerged within the ground. It was not going to be easy! Our aim here is to give increased life expectancy to Dragons Falls in a very challenging environment.

The Solution

Garmendale proposed that the most effective solution was to carry out the work in situ with our qualified site teams. With the highest safety and integrity, Garmendale followed a systematic work procedure in line with areas that had been highlighted by the client’s 3rd party inspection body. This included removing sections analysing the findings which allowed the decisions to be made, all corroded areas where either removed repaired and re manufacture.

Included in this programme of works was the need for Garmendale to re-drill base plates and concrete foundations and install chemical anchors. Garmendale carried out a number of refurbishment works to the stanchion legs due to corrosion. A completed signed of project putting the life back in the ‘Dragons Fury’

Dragon Falls On Ride POV - Chessington World Of Adventures

What the client says;

Garmendale Engineers performed yet again on an extremely challenging and demanding project within a tight time schedule’

Peter Barmby Chessington World Of Adventure

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