Things are moving very fast here with the chassis now all completed and ready to be sprayed, it’s onto the GRP body for the passenger compartment. However much you draw up plans and measure to the millimetre, it’s still one of those parts of the process where ‘fettling’ is involved.

The first stage is to make a basic tub and then add in the components to size and tweak them accordingly until they look right, feel right and sit right.

Once all of this is done then moulds are taken off this pattern so the seven tubs for the ride can be made ready for the theming and mating to the chassis. It may be easier to see this in pictures, so here’s how it works in order.

1 To Make A GRP Body You First Need To Make A Prototype To Model Test And Mould It From
To make a GRP body, you first need to make a prototype to model, test and mould it from
2 All The Parts And Measured Made Test Fitted Modified And Test Fitted Again
All the parts and measured, made, test fitted, modified and test fitted again
3 The Trail Fitting Extends Into All Of The Interior Parts And Ensures The Scales From The Drwings Translate 576x1024
The trial fitting extends into all of the interior parts and ensures the scales from the drwings translate
4. Its Still Very Rough And Ready But The Body Is Taking Shape
It’s still very rough and ready, but the body is taking shape
5 And Its Trial Fitted To See If The Size Feels Right And The Seats Will Be Comfy As Well As Secure 576x1024
And it’s trial fitted to see if the size feels right and the seats will be comfy as well as secure

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