Earlier this year, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to join the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) on a SATE day. What did that mean? I asked myself.

I was be one of the first in the world to experience the latest addition to Disneyland Paris’s smorgasbord of experiences. The ride in question is Ratatouille: Where film meets people, sausages are as large as life, and what I would do for a refrigerator like that one. being a huge fan of the film the thought of a 3-D experience that would make me a part of ‘Remys adventure’ got me very excited and turned me into the 7 year old wide eyed child I once was.

When walking into the Ratatouille court yard every detail has been created to tip you in to film. If you’ve watched it as many times as I have, your eyes are scanning all over, most prominent is an absolute replica of the fountain featured in the film which our protagonist passes several times. The creative team behind this didn’t stop there the buildings containing the the shop and the restaurant all look exactly like the animated buildings in the film, the bikes. I was not sure if I should but who could deny me a picture on the bike that featured several times. To top it all off the Gusteau’s sign (pictured below)

Gusteaus On The Roof 1000x1000 1
Gusteau on the roof at the Ratatouille Adventure

is above the restaurant which is also a huge land mark in the film. This massive attention to detail completely transported me into the fictional Paris our protagonist Remy called home.

Ratatouille Adventure 570x360 1
The entrance to the Ratatouille Adventure

who entertains you while waiting in the cue for the ride. When in the loading bay I have since learnt the ‘Pre show’ you get greeted by the voice of Emile, one of the characters from the film, this also shows the dedication to keeping us hooked and wanting more of the feeling that I’m actually in the film. The car you sit in is modelled to look like a rat, the rat then follows one of several tracks. The ride itself is very unique as every ride is different the ride has 73 different possible outcomes.

The ride is built up of several 3-D domes which surround you in different parts of Remy’s story. The ride also has 3-D moments which combine with a 4-D element to enhance the experience for example when the ride goes underneath the oven a sharp blast of hot air hits the passengers, these 4-D elements keep the ride exciting and unpredictable. Sadly at times the quality of the film/picture was poor and gave me and several other passengers a headache. The rides only none 3-D section is also its best section, the ride takes you through the refrigerator featured in the film. The refrigerator shelves and carefully modelled food items, ham, cheese, etc are much larger to keep the illusion you are the size of a rat. The refrigerator section also pumps cold air into your face to really make you feel inside the refrigerator.

The attention to detail in this ride makes it absolutely phenomenal and an absolute pleasure to ride. Overall the illusion that you are the size of a rat gives riders a very unique experience and I believe Ratatouille: The Adventure will become one of Disneyland Paris’s biggest attractions.

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