After the Launch of the Santa Park Sleigh Ride at the European Attractions Show in Barcelona, the final hard yards start now with the full ride system being delivered to Santa Park, in Rovaniemi, Finland, deep in the Arctic Circle. The drive itself will take around 10 days and cover over 2,000 miles on road as well as ferries and time in port clearing customs. It’s perfect timing for the delivery as the weather in Finland is still above freezing and the snow is due in just a few weeks. Much later and it would have the potential to turn into an episode of Ice Road Truckers.

The team will fly out to meet it there and carry out the installation, which we will cover in the next episode of this blog, but in the meantime, here’s the pictures of the ride being loaded and leaving for its long journey north.

1. The Sleigh Rides For Santa Park Packed And Ready To Go 570x570 1

The sleigh rides for Santa Park packed and ready to go


2. The Kuehne And Nagel Truck Ready For Loading 600x598 1

The Kuehne and Nagel truck ready for loading


3. Loading The Sleigh Rides

Loading the sleigh rides




4. Loading And Room For Six E1475657707258 800x466 1

All set and ready for the off


6. Careful Planningt O Ensure A Snug Fit For The Drive 700x1244 1

Careful planning to ensure a snug fit for the drive


7. And Hes Off On His 18 Day Drive To The Arctic Circle 700x523 1

And he’s off on his 10 day 2,000 mile drive to the Arctic Circle


8. The Route To Santa Park 500x459 1

The 2,000 mile route to Santa Park


We will cover the installation itself in the next blog post in a few weeks and watch this space for another step by step guide to building a theme park ride from scratch as we are already constructing an incredible aerial roundabout for a UK based Park.

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