The team at Garmendale are always looking for new ways to make existing rides and ride systems better. By better, we mean safer, easier to service, less prone to damage, even more reliable or to allow us to offer longer times between services. 

In this case, whilst we were working on the design for a new electric car project, that is being built in a bit of an unusual location (even for us), we were looking into the track design. The team were trying to find ways to deliver a system that would be less harsh on the cars, more free flowing and therefore more enjoyable for all drivers. 

An entirely new electric car track retention system

The solution is an entirely new electric car track retention system design made from a mix of steel and a new polypropylene compound that is a total game changer. 


It’s currently being systematically tested in our Derbyshire facility. The early signs are that it is incredibly safe for the rider and ensures far less day to day damage to the cars in normal use. Every industry has their own test threshold and for every standard we work to, there is a child in the real world who will brutally smash a car into a barrier over and over again until the car no longer works. Our new system will prevent this and as such, will reduce long term capital costs for the whole installation. 

The Electric Car Retention System With One Of Our Cars In The Background

The cars themselves are a completely new design too, which have been built with unbelievable strength. In our first tests of the chassis that had been quickly tack welded for the test itself – we loaded it with 512kg and it flexed by less than 5mm. The new car has been designed for two people to rider in tandem. Considering one is expected to be a child, we are confident that the fully welded, complete chassis will handle a baby elephant should they be inclined to give it a spin. 

What’s even more gratifying for us is the standards it’s been built to. It’ll be the first car that has been designed to meet and even exceed all of the latest TUV standards. It’s an incredibly safe car.

And what’s more, it’s going to be contained within a track that is even safer and more free-flowing than anything we’ve ever built before too. 

We’ll show you more as soon as our contract allows us.

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