Garmendale today delivers the first of 4 new carriages commissioned over 12 months ago by Snowdon Mountain Railway. This was no ordinary task for our multi skilled Engineers this was a whole new arena.

Garmendale has provided yet another engineered solution to our client’s specification. This time it is a world first and will revolutionise the future of light Urban Transportation.

How did we achieve a reduction of 3000 kg in weight and an increased capacity of 18 passengers?

We now have a proven method of design, fabrication and construction of a Light Urban Transport system that will withstand the harsh and sever climate conditions of Mount Snowdon.

This amazing material has been researched and developed in to a new application, previously used for commercial transportation; we have created an item of envy, with curves and bends in all the right places.

The ultimate engineering solution. These carriages will provide an increased capacity and a decrease of weight. A brand new proven technology that leads to a reduction in power requirements compared to traditional solutions.

David Shelmerdine Featured On BBC East Midlands 1000x956 1
David Shelmerdine featured on BBC East Midlands

You can read all about the first running of the Snowdon Mountain Railway with the new carriages here and this also covers the journey to the top, which is spectacular and extreme.

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