Easter has come and gone marking the beginning of 2023’s theme park season in the UK. Over the last few months our team have been working up and down the country carrying out maintenance and service on a selection of the UK’s finest attractions. Winter shutdown seems like a quiet period for theme parks, our Garmendale engineers can confirm this is quite the opposite.

Throughout the winter months our engineers have been travelling to and from our countries capital collecting the iconic galleons which make up the Tyrants Boat Ride at the London Dungeons. This terrifying ride system transports around 700,00 visitors each year through the dark sewers and dungeons of London. The boat ride is a star attraction at the London Dungeons and has been attracting families of all ages for years. Over the last few months we’ve had the pleasure of maintaining these boats and bringing them back to there former glory. Our engineers and GRP specialist carried out a full structural and cosmetic refurbishment of each boat, complete with a new coat of paint. These boats were collected refurbished, and delivered back to the London Dungeons by our highly trained engineers. It is a true honour to be supporting one of the UK’s top attractions time and time again from installation works to refurbishment and maintenance.

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When I say up and down the country I truly mean it as our team was once again on Blackpool’s seafront over the last few weeks. On this occasion we were refurbishing an iconic landmark, Blackpool’s Mirror Ball. Garmendale Engineering have a long history of working on the huge mirrored sphere that sits pride of place on Blackpool’s seafront. From replacing motors, to fitting mirrors and greasing the mechanism there’s very few parts of the sphere we haven’t worked on.

We could talk your ear off all day about the incredible hard work carried out by the team, refurbishing and maintaining great UK attractions. Instead we will mention one more, the annual strip-down of a Legoland family classic. The spinning spider is a revolving ‘tea cup’ style ride which over winter was stripped and the Garmendale team carried out a thorough annual maintenance on the ride cars. The individual ride cars were then safely transported back to Legoland Windsor where they were fitted back onto the ride ready for the new theme park season.

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A true testament to our hard work and high levels of quality is the fact, the likes of London Dungeons, Legoland, and Blackpool Mirror ball return each year to continue our working relationship, carrying out further service and maintenance. For maintenance, servicing, installation, and fabrication reach out to a member of our friendly team.

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