We have just come back from the Themed Entertainment Association SATE Conference that was held at Beaulieu – The home of the National Motor Museum.

The annual SATE Conference was created back in 2007 by the TEA to foster professional dialog about the methodology of Experience Design. The SATE acronym stands for Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience.

The event this year had speakers from around the world with a theme of “Cultural and Historic
Futures. Making the stories of the past relevant for future generations” and it certainly didn’t disappoint with some great educational and fun sessions.

There’s always a great social side to the events too with mixers and behind the scenes tours that you can only get with the TEA Membership. These alone have always made the membership worthwhile as well as all of the other benefits you gain.

Garmendale sponsored the first night Mixer Event at the Master Builders Hotel. It was a lovely relaxed affair with a Fish and Chip Supper (Nothing too fancy in the engineering world) for all and a few drinks.

Talking about the mixer and the event, Zoe Shelmerdine, Garmendale’s Sales Director said “The great thing about having a mixer with a meal before a big event like SATE is it sets a more relaxed and collaborative tone for the whole event. It ensures some of the newer members get to meet the more established ones in a lovely informal environment”

There was also a birthday celebration and cake for the TEA Past Chairman, David Wilrich who was enjoying the event even more than normal having passed responsibility for the TEA Chair role to Paul Kent at the start of 2017.

The Cake For David Wilrich 600x533 1

The cake for David Wilrich


During the conference itself, one of the speakers was Marcus Arthur, The President of BBC Worldwide UK & Ireland. He spoke about about their brands and to see the GoJetters up there, knowing we had just installed the new GoJetters Vroomster ride at Alton Towers was a proud moment indeed.

Marcus Arthur Of BBC Worldwide At The SATE Conference 2017 Talking About Worldwide Brands And Licensing Such As Our Own GoJetters Ride For Alton Towers 800x500 1

Marcus Arthur of BBC Worldwide at the SATE Conference 2017 talking about Worldwide brands and licensing such as our own GoJetters ride for Alton Towers


So, overall, another great SATE and we’re looking forward to the next one already. Berlin anyone?

Here are some more pictures from around the Beaulieu event.

The TEA Mixer Event At SATE Beaulieu 2017 Sponsored By Garmendale Engineering 12 700x466 1

The TEA Mixer Event At SATE Beaulieu 2017 Sponsored By Garmendale Engineering 2 500x500 1

The TEA Mixer Event At SATE Beaulieu 2017 Sponsored By Garmendale Engineering 11 768x512 1

The TEA Mixer Event At SATE Beaulieu 2017 Sponsored By Garmendale Engineering 9 500x533 1








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