Over the last few weeks, the wheels of activity and excitement in the theme park world have been turning once more and after 12 months of uncertainty and Zoom quizzes, we are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with restrictions lifting, now is the perfect time to show you what we have been up to. We have been very busy over the last year working on exciting new developments one of which we are we are very excited to be officially unveiled today. It feels like the perfect time to introduce you all to our brand new website. We see this brand new website as a symbol of a brighter future ahead and it celebrates all that Garmendale has to offer.

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You’ll find a brand new catalogue of Dark Rides, including our award-winning Motion Master 30 and our selection of crowd-pleasing storytelling Dark Rides. One of 2021’s most highly anticipated ride systems is Alton Towers Gangsta Granny based on David Walliams’ collection of children’s books which if you didn’t know is Garmendale’s very own Spin Master. Our new Dark Ride Catalogue offers a great selection of rides with full technical specifications, detailed drawings, and a selection of interactive extras. One of which will show you each stage of the ride vehicles manufacture right before your very eyes.

The fun does not stop there with our brand new website, we’ve also featured a Selector Tool to aid with any Gating Requirements you may have. Our Shot Gun Gate Range Selector lays out all the options concisely and clearly. Our RG11 Gating Range has never been so flexible with Electric and Pneumatic gates in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless.

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The brand new Garmendale website has so much more content to aid in guiding you through the range of services Garmendale has to offer. If of course, you have an enquiry you can let us know, here.

The world is very different from the one we knew 12 months ago but for Garmendale nothing has changed, we still offer the same world-class service, from award-winning family ride systems to specialist, bespoke projects, a future with Garmendale has infinite possibilities.

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