This may not be the most exciting post we will ever write, but it’s certainly one of the most important.

A new standard has been introduced for structural steel work which relates to the actual quality of how it’s made. It’s a CE mark for fabrication. Before this, all the standards related to procedures that were followed to get to a finished product but ignored the materials. The new BS EN 1090 Part 2 now ensures that EVERYTHING, right down to welding rods is traceable back to source. No traceability, no CE Mark.

What this means for any new build and potentially any existing structure, is that anything built since 2014 that does not comply, is in danger of being condemned or perhaps worse, uninsured if an accident were to occur.

We’ve always been proud of the quality of our work and have our 1090 certificate pending. All of our work meets and exceeds these new standards and we’d be happy to advise you on your own compliance and how to avoid the many pitfalls it presents.

Hand Fabrication Of The Snowden Mountain Railway Carriages E1476279353357
Hand Fabrication of the Snowdon Mountain railway Carriages

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