RG 11 Electric Gating Systems

World Renowned Electric Guest Controlled Safety Gates

Control Guest Flow

Our Guest Control Gating Systems are World renowned for their unrivalled build quality, longevity and compliance with international standards. Increasing throughput in a safe and comfortable manner, look no further than the Industry leading Guest Control Safety Gates from Garmendale Engineering. NOW ALL ELECTRIC!

Garmendale’s shot gun gates are the most reliable gating systems available. With installations throughout the world, our gates have delivered many millions of theme park guests to there rides, in complete safety and with unrivalled reliability. The RG 11 Electric Shot Gun gating system is unique for a number of reasons, the system was designed to overcome a number of factors inherent in existing gating systems available. These gates are electrically operated via an actuator which is torque limited, this helps in preventing entrapment/crushing. With an over centre mechanical lock fail safe feature and monitoring over centre lock device. These can either be surface mounted or flush mounted to the clients requirements and are stand alone operating units. Ease of maintenance (access to all mechanical and electrical components from the platform) offering ultra-reliability and safety.


Designed to be almost completely maintenance free, the entire range, once installed will offer years of trouble free operation. All our gates are manufactured to BS EN 13814 EX2 standards so you can be assured that every component is traceable and of the highest quality, with the added assurance that the workmanship is world class and built to last a lifetime.


Compliance to British Standard BS-7036 sections 1, 3 & 4 code of practice for safety powered doors for pedestrian use and BS EN 13814 ride manufacturing standards along with ASTM standards where applicable and performance levels to PLE where required ensures the RG11 gating systems from Garmendale are amongst the safest available.

Creative Flexibility

Available in varying heights and widths, gate frames can be manufactured in mild steel and powder coated to any RAL colour, or stainless steel in a brushed or polished finish. Gate infills to match theming or creative intent, tubular bar system, mesh panels, GRP creative infills or safety glass all meeting safety compliance and ensuring your gating system looks and feels like part of the whole attraction.

Technical Gate Specification

The Best Product Every Time

At Garmendale we pride ourselves in delivering the best engineered systems. We are constantly refreshing our practices based on the latest and most relevant standards and technologies to achieve the best final product every time. Because we are BS EN 1090 execution class 2 approved we ensure we work to the highest of standards and guarantee all parts are traceable to source and are also manufactured to the highest standard.

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