Our FlowMaster Lazy River

Float down the lazy river, full of twists and turns along the way!

Flow Master

The Ultimate Lazy River, sit back, relax and enjoy this classic must have Water Ride System. A gentle Water Ride that is extremely popular with guests of all ages. A simple yet elegant ride, the Flow Master allows up to 6 guests to drift through your themed attraction in a tub designed bespoke to any specific IP or creative intent. Water = Fun and this is guaranteed to bring smiles to faces young and old. Create and tell a story or simply let your guests relax and unwind as they float down the lazy river with many twists and turns along the way. Suitable for use outdoors or indoors as a dark ride, our Flow Master lazy river is the perfect solution where an exciting themed family ride experience is required in a small footprint or in a temporary attraction. A must have for Theme Parks, Farm Parks and Family Entertainment centres.

Optional extras include roof systems to fit directly above each tub, lighting systems and wayside water cannons if feel your guests would enjoy being soaked by waiting family members or friends?

Outright purchase ?, Long Term Lease ? or Joint Venture ? We will help find a way to enable you to benefit from Garmendale’s exciting range of Ride Systems which guarantee many years of reliable service and repeat customers. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team to discuss any of these options further.

Technical Specification

Incorporate Interactivity Into Your Ride Experience

All of our rides can be delivered with an onboard interactive system. These make a great addition to any ride and increase guest engagement within the experience. Our innovative technologies are developed to interact within any themed environment and can produce a scoreboard for competition between guests.

Custom GRP Bodies To Your Creative Requirements

Our GRP and theming Specialists at GELTech are able to fully customise the theming of any ride vehicle no matter your creative intent. Utilising 40 years of experience and the highest quality materials, we can provide gelcoat finish, expert painting and vinyl decals to take your ride experience to the next level.

Integrate a custom audio system into your ride experience.

All of our rides can be equipped with audio systems that are fully configured to your exact specification. Our intelligent audio systems seamlessly integrate with your experience and are linked to show sets and other theming to bring your story to life.

Other Water Ride Systems

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