A lot happens in a week and the construction is at full pace. We are getting ready for the launch of the ride at Euro Attractions Show (EAS) 18-22 September 2016 in Barcelona, on stand 833 and will be showing the completed ride there.

So we have had some time pressure and now that all of the components are designed and fabricated, it’s more about assembly, finishing and final testing.

So the pictures here show you the sub-assemblies being brought together and welded up to BS EN 1090 standard. When they are finished and sprayed, they are mated to the chassis and fully assembled up to finished standard.

The chassis themselves are now all finished and you’ll see a picture below of the final one in our spray booth getting its finishing coat.

And then the electrical control boxes, that have all been custom designed by our team, are assembled on the bench by one of our engineers ready for the rest of the components. You can see the completed panels behind on the shelf (I’ve masked the client name on the work sheet in case you are looking)

So you can see the huge progress we have made in just a few weeks. There’s lots more to do but we are now well on track for the big launch at EAS. We hope to see you there.

1. The Final Stages Of Construction Is The Manufacture Of The Sub Assemblies 500x600 1
The final stages of construction is the manufacture of the sub assemblies
BSEN 1090 Welding At Garmendale Theme Park Engineers 2 570x570 1
The pieces for the sub assemblies are welded to BSEN 1090 standard
3. Meanwhile The Chassis Are In The Paintshop Getting A Final Coat Of Paint
Meanwhile the chassis are in the paintshop getting a final coat of paint
18 As Assembly Begins The Electrical Assemblies Come Together Too 570x570 1
And the electrial control panels that have been designed for the ride are all assembled and tested

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