The refurbishment work on the London County Council LCC1 tram  from Crich Tramway Village continues with the completion of the shot blast process in its purpose-built tent constructed on our site.

It all went exactly as planned and we used a light shot-blast media to ensure we got back to perfect metal. This has obviously left some small amounts of pitting, so the next stage is to fill any indents with liquid metal to get a high quality, smooth finish. When this has cured, it will be finely sanded before the paint process begins.

You will also notice that there is a simple cross bracing that has been lightly tacked to the frame to ensure that when the panels were removed, there was no movement in the framework. This will obviously be removed again, further down the line.

So LCC1 is now down to its most basic form and looks stunning (to an engineer) in its almost naked form. The next stages of he complete restoration are all about building it up and putting it back together, so from now on, it will just start to look better and better as it comes back to life and its former glory is restored.

The LCC1 Tram From Crich Tramway Village At Garmendale After Shotblasting 500x1000 1
The LCC1 Tram from Crich Tramway Village at Garmendale after shotblasting
3 Detail Of The LCC1 At The Garmendale Works With The Uncovered LCC Crest On The Full Panel 400x260 1
Note the cross braces for extra support on the LCC1 Tram from Crich Tramway Village at Garmendale after shotblasting.JPG

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