In our previous blog post we showed the evacuation platform being manufactured in our workshops. This has now been installed and the images below show this platform during this installation process. The platform sits between the first and second lifts and is there to help get riders off on the very rare occasions when there isn’t enough momentum for it to run between the two.

The Platform itself is built to the BSEN 10/90 standard which is now a legal requirement for any structural steelwork. It’s a standard that ensures the welding is to a certified standard, but that all of the materials used in its manufacture are of the right quality and fully traceable to source too.

What this shows to us, is the level of additional safety measures that operators are now considering to guarantee passenger safety. If the ride did have to be evacuated here previously, you can see that with the ground sloping sharply away, it would have been difficult and time-consuming.

If you want to see the video of the Vampire Ride in operation, here’s one of the best from the Chessington website.

It is some of the least glamorous work we do, but the engineering underneath is what we enjoy and you can be sure that if it is needed, it will work perfectly.

Evacuation Platform Designed To Work With The Slope Of The Land 570x450 1

Evacuation platform designed to work with the slope of the land


Lower View Of The Evacuation Platform 570x450 1

Lower view of the evacuation platform


The Evacuation Platform In Context With The Ride Cars Above 600x800 1

The evacuation platform in context with the ride cars above


Evacuation In Place At Chessington With The Van Showing The Scale Of The Completed Platform 600x450 1

The completed Evacuation Platform in place at Chessington with the van showing the scale of the completed work

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