With all the focus being on the creation and launch of the QuadTrack Tracked Dark Ride system for Santa Park and the subsequent launch at EAS in Barcelona, we have been quietly working on the creation of a completely new ride in the background. It’s the QuadStar Aerial roundabout, which we are building for a major theme park.

The QuadStar has a few real benefits over others in the market. It is built by our team to BS/EN 1090, so you know it is made to an exceptional standard using traceable quality materials. It has full containment for children as small as 0.9m with every passenger having a lap bar and it’s able to be controlled by the passenger too. There’s full yaw control for the ‘driver’ up to a height of 4m and it still sits within a 16m envelope.

As this is the first part of the series of blog posts about the QuadStar, we will start with the end first and show you what it will look like when it’s completed with a lovely computer generated image. We are working with a very well know IP and whilst we can’t reveal this yet, it does again show that when we create rides, they can be simply themed to match any existing IP. Whether you’re looking for planes, trains or even eagles, we can fit your IP to our ride system. There’s loads more posts to follow, so sit back, we’ll strap you in, so you can enjoy the ride through designing, engineering and manufacturing another theme park ride from scratch.

The QuadStar Aerial Roundabout By Garmendale Theme Park Engineering 1 600x650 1

The finished QuadStar Aerial Roundabout



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