The Pirate Ship at Skegness Pleasure Beach is a firm family favourite that has been thrilling (and scaring) riders for many years. The ride was originally built by Huss Rides and it’s one of ten or so that are still operating in Europe.

You can see it in action here on this video.

As with all rides in UK Parks, they go through thorough safety checks to ensure they are safe for passengers. This involves dismantling the entire ride, checking the joints, welds and overall structure. So in the winter closing period this year, the whole frame came to us for some remedial work and to get it ready for another few years of operation.

The legs arrived with us in early March and were tested by an external certification body who established what work needed to be done.

2 Unloading The Legs Of The Pirate Ship From Skegness Into The Workshop 600x800 1

Unloading the legs of the Pirate Ship from Skegness into the workshop

1 The Legs Arriving On Site Ready For Refurbishment 500x380 1

The legs arriving on site ready for refurbishment


And three weeks later, they are all finished and ready to go. All safe and certified and ready for another season of Pirate Ship fun. The work was so good, they looked just like new again. It’s reassuring to know that even rides which look quite simple are fully tested and recertified to ensure they are safe.

Again, it’s not our most glamorous work, but at Garmendale, we love theme park engineering and have years of experience in just this type of work.

3 The Legs Of The Skegness Pleasure Beach Pirate Ship Leaving The Works After A Complete Refurbishment 800x533 1

The legs of the Skegness pleasure Beach Pirate Ship leaving the works after a complete refurbishment

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