The Theme Park World unsurprisingly moves very fast and has its ups and downs. With this exhilarating world of rollercoasters and dark rides, technology is ever-changing. As part of our commitment to the future, we pro-actively stay up to date with new trends and technologies making there way into the mainstream and constantly review how these technological advances can improve the performance and overall visitor experience of our Ride Systems. Communicating with our trusted group of suppliers is a key element of the future-proofing process, working together through research and testing helps ensure our ride systems continue to meet Global Standards.

What does components testing entail? Well in all honesty sometimes it can be extremely tedious constantly monitoring components over hours of thorough checks analysing how components respond to different climates, environments, etc. But on occasion, the rigorous testing we conduct with our partners can be entertaining. Last week the latest in proximity sensor technology arrived at our factory in Derby where we began testing for use on our Dark Ride Systems. Dark Ride Systems similar to our brand new ride system at Alton Towers, Gangster Granny can be a true 4-D experience with lights, sounds, smoke, and other special effects, fully immersing visitors in the adventure. Our recent testing has been to ensure our proximity sensors can function normally without being triggered by the advanced effects, smoke for example. The special effects involved in this testing included, a smoke machine and a bubble machine, I told you testing can be fun. The photo above shows our team having fun in the bubbles.

Testing is not limited to proximity sensors, we continuously take a proactive look at, noise pollution, efficiency and a range of other variables ensuring our components and ride systems are performing at there optimum. Our clients deserve the very best in reliability and quality for there guests, this is why Garmendale Engineers are working hard to ensure our ride systems continue to play a big part of the ever-changing world of Theme Park Entertainment.

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