This could easily be seen as a the less glamorous side of a theme park ride build, but it’s still a vital part of the overall operation and ride safety and one we love to get involved with. In terms of the design and build, it’s all quite simple, but the finishing will ensure that it is pretty much indestructible and will show very little wear after years of use.

The overall set up of the fencing and the kiosk is made up of 41 panels, which to those maths geeks amongst you is known as a tetracontakaihenagon but to all intents and purposes looks like a large circle made up of 41 straight edged parts. Where the clever part comes in from our side is making every one of the panels to have a near nine degree chamfer to ensure a perfect fit all the way round.

The Kiosk For The QuadStar In The Spray Booth 800x1000 1

The Kiosk for the QuadStar in the Spray Booth ready to be sprayed


From the rear, you can see the advantage of our giant spray booth. It allows us to fit huge sections of rides inside and still allow plenty of room for spraying and finishing.


From this angle you can just about make out the floor panel that can be removed at access all the required services that are fed into the kiosk to control the ride.

The Fencing For The Perimiter Of The QuadStar Ride 500x380 1

The fencing for the perimeter of the QuadStar ride with 9 degree chamfered edges


The fencing is all made up and ready for powder coating and the 40 sections (plus the Kiosk) have all been fabricated.

Zinc Coated Fencing Ready To Be Powder Coated For The QuadStar Ride By Garmendale 600x600 1

Zinc coated fencing ready to be powder coated for the QuadStar ride


Close up, you can see the zinc coating over the steel mesh to give it a long life and for it to remain rust free. What you may not notice is that there is a wide return on all of the panels, so the mesh is fitted to the inside. This is to ensure that there is enough space to fix it properly to the frame. Again it’s a learned improvement. When we go onto site to repair or maintain other people’s ride and gate systems, we often find that this is a weak point and have designed our own to avoid this.

The Fence Posts For The QuadStar Ride Surround Sprayed And Ready To Go 768x1024 1

The fence posts for the QuadStar ride surround, sprayed and ready to go

In the next post, we will look at the chassis for the cars themselves, which are looking great and well on in the production process.


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