With the flexibility of the QuadStar and the QuadTrack systems, we are able to fit a ride car that can look completely different from one build to the next so that it works with whatever the IP is, even though almost everything underneath is exactly the same. The way we create such a different look and feel or match an existing IP is normally as simple as changing the ride car itself. Despite all of the engineering that goes on underneath, the element of the ride with the visual focus is the small bit that the passengers are carried in. So in this episode of the build diary, we will cover the creation of the ride car in the raw.

As you may have seen when we built the QuadTrack ride for Santa Park, the first stage of making the car, is creating a plug. This is essentially a blank mock-up of the final car itself from which the mould or moulds are made. This plug can be made from clay, wood, or a combination of both.

The exciting stuff happens when the first car comes out of the mould and we get to see the finished form. So after that intro, here’s the car itself in it’s ‘fresh from the mould and in the raw’ state.

1 The QuadStar Car In Its Raw Form And All Ready For Final Prep 700x525 1

The QuadStar car in its raw form and all ready for final prep



The rear of the QuadStar car with its lovely smooth lines

6 Rear Seat Detail In The QuadStar Car Shows You Can Sit Back Relax And Enjoy The Ride 800x500 1

Rear seat detail in the QuadStar car shows you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride


5 Seat Detail Inside Of The QuadStar Car

Seat detail inside of the QuadStar car


2 Front View Of The QuadStar Car Coming Out Of The Ovens

Front view of the QuadStar car which you may recognise


3 You Can Start To See The Detail Of The Cars For The QuadStar With The Car In The Raw 570x570 1

You can start to see the detail of the cars for the QuadStar with the car in the raw


2 Front View Of The QuadStar Car Coming Out Of The Ovens 1

Front view of the QuadStar car coming out of the ovens

The next stage is to get the raw car fully themed and the difference here is incredible. All of the peripherals are added and the paint, controls and lap bars are added. You’ll see this very soon in the next episode.

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