At the heart of the QuadStar Aerial ride is the chassis. It’s the incredibly strong underpinning for the lightweight car to sit atop and contain the passengers. The chassis itself is flexible enough to carry almost any design of car, so if you’re thinking you’d like it to be a boat, car or even a flying elephant, as we like to say, “if you can dream it, we can build it”.

With the guidelines of BSEN 10/90 we work to a standard that has literally never been seen before. It’s engineered to such a high standard that its design life of 20 years feels like it would be just about run in. With proper ride maintenance, it could very easily continue to run beautifully for many more years after that.

1 The Car Chassis For The QuadStar Ride Being Finalised 800x500 1

The car chassis for the QuadStar ride being finalised


1 The Chassis Arrives As The Garmendale Workshop Ready For Stripping 600x600 1

Completed QuadStar Chassis in the Garmendale Workshop


3 Completed QuadStar Chassis

Alternative view of the Completed QuadStar Chassis


Once the Chassis manufacturing is completely finalised, then the next stage is to clean it up ready for paint. This was done by our team and then the pain applied in our own Spray Booth. The finish looks exceptional as you’ll see from the following images.

4 The QuadStar Chassis In The Workshop Ready For Fittings 500x500 1

The QuadStar Chassis in the workshop ready for fittings


5 Close Up Of The Chassis In The Workshop All Sprayed Nd Ready For The Smaller Components 500x600 1

Close up of the chassis in the workshop all sprayed and ready for the smaller components


One the chassis is ready, we then begin to add the smaller components. These are far less visible and glamorous than the big shiny bits on the outside, but they make a huge difference to the running of the ride itself. These include all of the moving parts and the Lap bars. This ride is a little different to almost anything else out in the market as it has full containment for passengers as short as 0.9 metres. There’s another lovely point of difference in this ride too, but we will show you that in a later post. In the meantime, here’s some images of the components being added.


7 Close Up Of The QuadStar Chassis Showing The Double Lap Bar Mechanism In Place 500x500 1

Close up of the QuadStar chassis showing the double lap bar mechanism in place


6 The QuadStar Chassis All Laid Out For Final Fitting 768x1024 1

The QuadStar Chassis all laid out for final fitting


In the next installment, we will cover the rather less exciting build of the fencing, the kiosk and the posts to completely enclose the ride and keep passers by out of the reach of the ride.




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