Garmendale Trackless Ride Systems offer amazing flexibility!

Close up of the underneath of the AGV ride car

27 Apr Garmendale Trackless Ride Systems offer amazing flexibility!

Theme park ride manufacturers, Garmendale have designed the latest in Dark Ride technology with their exclusive Trackless Ride system. The unique ADIP’s developed by Garmendale¬†enables the carriage to follow any route that is predetermined by them with no real site infrastructure requires.

This means that you don’t have to pay hundreds of thousand of pounds in intrusive infrastructure costs and it provides a flexible solution when designing those bespoke guest experiences. Although, Garmendale have been manufacturers for many years, the development of the trackless systems has been quite recent.

Some of the benefits of the trackless system are:

  • Greater capacity of guests
  • Maximum Throuput
  • Better turning space of the vehicle
  • Unique Auto correction facility
  • User defined decision points
  • Acceleration control
  • Safety zoning
  • Virtual Reality integration
  • Intelligent Charging
  • Sideways “crab Like” movement.
Trackless dark ride
Trackless dark ride by Garmendale

This system can be used anywhere where you would use a tracked ride system with the added flexibility of providing new and exciting guest experiences never before achievable.

In all, the Garmendale trackless system allows you to be more flexible, can be deployed quicker, needs less maintenance, is less expensive as a tracked system and more importantly, is safer.

To find out more about Garmendale’s Trackless system contact us today.