The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we have been quietly developing our range of ride systems for theme parks and attractions over the last few years. There are other new rides in development as we speak, but as an update, here’s a sneaky peak of the range as it stands.

There is a common thread to all of the products however. They are beautifully engineered, manufactured by our own team in our Derbyshire, UK factory and designed to offer reliable and robust performance for many years to come.

Start with the end in mind

A large part of our work at Garmendale is Winter Ride refurbishment and ongoing ride maintenance, so we have the huge advantage of seeing what wears, what breaks and what problems an engineer faces when they are on site. It’s because of this that we have designed out all of these inherent problems from the outset. Something as simple as an access panel with a slide out tray to access the control boards in a ride car may seem like a little thing to most, but when you’re having to completely dismantle a ride body to replace the smallest part, you’ll appreciate the difference that a little forward thinking makes.

Immersive Tunnels 800x600 1

Immersive Tunnels for 4-30 people


Quadstar Aerial Roundabout For Attactions Slider 500x650 1

The QuadStar Aerial Roundabout


Gating Systems 700x471 1

The safest and most reliable gating systems in the world


Electric Boats For Attractions By Garmendale Theme Park Engineering 1 539x303 1

Electric boats for attractions


The New Eight Seater Dark Ride System From Garmendale At The EAS Show 345x198 1

The QuadTrack Tracked Dark Ride system


Tracked Trains And People Movers By Garmendale Theme Park Engineering 1

Tracked Trains and people mover systems


Sundown Electric Cars 570x570 1

Electric Cars for attractions


AGV Magnetic Or Optical Tracked Rides 500x617 1

AGV Magnetic or Optical Tracked Rides


An idea worth exploring?

We are seeing an increasingly large number of rides that are IP based. The interesting thing about these is that the focus is nearly always on the IP at the end and never the engineering behind it. That is until something goes wrong and the money you may have saved on cheap engineering comes back to haunt you for the rest of the (shorter and less reliable) life of the ride.

With the IP in mind, it’s worth saying that with any of our ride systems the IP is interchangeable. So whether you’re dreaming of your favourite superhero ride, or want to ride in your very own flying turtle, then if you can imagine it, we can probably design and manufacture it.

We do get a lot of approaches to develop a new idea for rides, some of which are crazy (and we mean completely fruitloop) but within every bad idea, there’s the germ of another great idea. So if you do have an idea, or a project you’d like to talk through, then why not give us a call.

Our range of rides is growing but there’s always room for another.



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