Sundown Adventureland – Monkey Mayhem Driving School

About This Project

Garmendale have worked with Sundown Adventureland since 1995 and previously supplied the Robin Hood train ride, the Tractor ride and the Christmas AGV. Our latest project is to design and supply the 4×4 electric Monster Trucks for their brand new Monkey Mayhem Driving School.

The Electric cars are battery powered and designed for absolutely minimum maintenance. Their onboard battery packs ensure they will run all day, even with their bespoke LED lighting system switched on, with a single overnight charge. Suitable for riders between 1.0m and 1.4m they are set to run at 0.4 m/s which is perfect for the Sundown audience of under 10’s. The driver is restrained by a lap belt and has throttle, braking and steering control. They can navigate their way round the jungle themed track. As a back-up there is a central cut-off at the operator control centre, for all cars, in case of an emergency situation. Individually, all cars have an isolator switch too, should an individual car on the track need to be stopped. We also implemented a remote controlled handset so the any of the cars can be reset whilst out on the track.

The cars are designed and built to BSEN 13814 and the charging station designed and manufactured to BSEN 1090.

The bodies are tough and easy to clean. The rugged jungle theming has been hand applied and with chunky bumpers around the car will look clean and bright for many years in operation – even with some potentially erratic learners at the helm.

An earlier design of the car has been in operation at Legoland Windsor since 2007 and proved both ever popular and ultra reliable.

The electric car range is just one of the extensive Garmendale ride systems for theme parks and attractions that build upon a common platform to allow almost any theming.

Kelvin Ensor, Garmendale General manager said “We’ve been designing and building rides for Sundown for nearly 30 years and delighted to install another one of our ride systems in their wonderful theme park.”

The History of Sundown Adventureland

2018 sees the 50th birthday of Sundown Adventureland near Retford, Notts. Originally opened by Margaret Rhodes and her husband in their own bungalow garden, they kept exotic pets and served tea and cakes to local visitors. As the visitors flooded in, they added more play areas and rides and the attraction now sits on a site that extends over 200 acres and welcomes nearly 300,000 visitors to their Theme Park for the Under 10’s.

The Monkey Mayhem Driving School is the most recent ride addition to the park. It offers the chance for kids to drive jungle themed 4×4 mini monster trucks around the newly designed course. The track and service buildings were designed and built by the Sundown in-house team, with electrical charging system designed by ourselves. The jungle theming for the track was by KD Theming.

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